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Why Wix Is Not Good for Business

Wix is one of the most commonly used website development tools. Whether you are tech-savvy or technologically inept, you can use this website builder to set up a professional website in just one hour. Although this is a major advantage of using Wix, it has some disadvantages as well.

Read on to find out the cons of Wix and why we believe it’s not good for your business:

No Ownership over Wix Content

If you are using Wix to create a website for your business, you should know that it comes at a high cost. Wix is in control of all website content.

According to the company’s terms and conditions, it can modify, adapt, reproduce and distribute the content that it hosts. Of course, this poses security risks as no third-party should be allowed to have control over your web content.

In addition, website owners cannot migrate their content anywhere else besides Wix. This means that if a Wix website suddenly starts gaining traffic and the owner wants to switch to a better service, then it cannot be done.

Therefore, reputable business owners should invest in other website builders. As a business owner, you can lose your credibility if Wix appears in your domain name.

You cannot remove your domain from Wix. You may remove only those domains that you purchased elsewhere. This is a key issue that you should consider prior to purchasing a domain on Wix.

Slow Website Speed

Wix uses JavaScript for coding, which can cause website loading and performance problems. The large number of JavaScript files that Wix creates for websites is bound to slow them down.

This is critical since site loading and speed are critical parameters for Google. Wix, therefore, creates a major SEO disadvantage, which can prevent your website page from ranking high in search engine results.

Slow website speed is also responsible for high bounce rates, which is another blow for SEO. Nobody wants to browse websites that take excessive time to load and are unresponsive.

SEO Problems

You can expect further SEO problems with Wix. In fact, website owners cannot implement an SEO plan with Wix and similar services. There is no option to download and use an SEO plugin.

Wix does offer simple on-page SEO, but it has its limitations. The tool does not offer search engine previews or SEO assistance, which is typically provided by well-known SEO plugins.

The biggest problem is that a # or hashbang is served via JavaScript for each Wix URL, which search engines cannot read. Equally troubling is that visitors who have turned off their JavaScript cannot render the website at all.

The basic website structure hinders search engine access. Wix websites are, therefore, very difficult to find online. Wix’s webpage structure is canonical in nature; that is, they are just homepage tabs. Such pages cannot rank on Google.

Simple Doesn’t Mean Best

The simplicity of Wix is offset by its SEO issues. Simply put, it is not a smart investment for your business, especially considering that it proves to be expensive in the long run due to its drawbacks.

Even though you may have to initially pay more for other website development platforms, the investment is well worth it and beneficial to your business.

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