Cyber Security

Managed Network Security

Network Security Simplified

Phoenix Digital Advantage Next Generation Firewall provides a comprehensive solution for content filtering, malware and threat protection, secure Wi-Fi, application control, bandwidth optimization, virtual private networks, and more.

Command Center

Cloud Services Included with NG Firewall Complete at No Additional Cost

Phoenix Digital Advantage Command Center is a cloud-based, centralized management allows you to quickly and simply control your NG Firewall deployment from any browser—without the costly purchase and maintenance headache of an on-premise solution.


Cloud Services Included with NG Firewall Complete at No Additional Cost

ScoutIQ is a cloud-based, cyber threat intelligence service that provides additional protection against unknown and emerging malware threats and zero-day exploits. Cloud Scanning — millions of files scanned per day.

Complete Network Visibility

See who’s doing what and when on your network. Stop every rogue application, encrypted web request, malware distribution point, drive-by malvertising attempt, and rash of spam. Control user access to applications, websites and bandwidth allotment with a simple click.

Comprehensive Security

Phoenix Digital Advantage NG Firewall gives you more protection at the gateway in a single solution — saving you time and money. Tackle malware, hacking attempts, phishing schemes and other exploits before they ever reach your users.

Real results, real people and influencers

Leverage database-driven reports for real-time and historical insights — all delivered on-box without the need for a separate appliance. Tags and triggers provide complete audit logs and increased speed configuration and enforcement by automatically managing hosts, devices and users.

Flexible Deployment Options

Deploy Phoenix Digital Advantage Firewall software on third party hardware, as a virtual machine, in the cloud, or as a turnkey appliance. Ideal for everything from small, remote offices, to diverse school campuses, to large and distributed organizations.