Frequently Asked Question

Our Company

Phoenix Digital Advantage is a locally owned small business, so you will be dealing one-on-one with your friendly neighbor.  But at the same time, experts doing some of the best work in the industry.  You will get the expertise and support of a large company with the personal interaction and care of a local small company.

Pricing, Cost, and Return on Investment

Absolutely! The best way to think about it is to ask yourself what the lifetime value of one additional customer is worth. So, even if you spent that much money and only got that one new customer, then you would come out even. Now, what if you got 2 new customers….this is how to calculate your return on investment. 

Once you understand the necessity of having a high quality website to bring you new customers in this modern world, the question becomes “can I afford to not have one?”

I have no doubt that you will find that the return on investment is very high for our premium services that will get you more leads, more sales, new customers, and keep the ones you already have.