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PinPoint Solo

DIY platform to easily manage meaningful marketing activities

PinPoint Solo

What is PinPoint Solo

PinPoint Solo provides marketing that matters for small businesses. We make sure customers searching for your products and services are able to find you and that they know your business is trusted. We also make it easy for you to stay in touch with them and promote your brand.

We do this by focusing PinPoint Solo’s tools in four areas: Ranking higher in search, online review management, easy customer communications, and social media management. And because we understand cost and time are important to small businesses, we also make our tools affordable and easy to use.

Search Engine Optimization

99% of small business owners don’t have the time, money or experience to properly integrate SEO practices.

PinPoint Solo solves all 3 by doing all of the work, affordably, and giving you a real shot at getting you to the front page of search results.

Online Reviews

The bottom line is customers buy from businesses they trust and the majority of that trust is built through your online reputation.

Positive online reviews are gold, and PinPoint Solo can automate the process of getting them for you by leveraging our technology to regularly request them, and to filter negative ones directly to you to deal with.


Emailing and texting is the #1 way to communicate with your customers. Put those emails and numbers to great use by utilizing our incredibly easy and fast email and text CRM (customer relationship manager) tools.

Repeat business is key to success, and being able to quickly send out an email or text to your customers is the best way to promote your business.

Social Media

Most businesses never take full advantage of social media whether it’s a lack of time, money or knowledge.

PinPoint Solo solves for this by providing you a platform to more easily manage it all, and if you so choose, actually create, schedule and publish the content on your behalf. It’s like having a marketing associate on your team all for less than the price of a fast food meal per day.

Ease of Use

PinPoint Solo makes it easy to start and manage your marketing with only a few hours of investment each week. Our client service team will help you set up your account and answer any questions to get you started. From there, our platform makes it easy for you to manage. Of course, we’re always available if you have questions.

Value (Pricing & Affordability)

PinPoint Solo focuses on four primary marketing tools / areas, the ones that matter most in growing revenue.

Results Oriented

Each of PinPoint Solo’s tools and services work together to bring more value to your business. By focusing only on strategies that actually matter, PinPoint Solo helps you harness the best marketing practices for small businesses the ones you need to grow. Everything PinPoint Solo does is built to drive revenue for you.

13 + 13 =

Professional digital services for Local Businesses. We connect your business to local customers to increase sales and revenues. Our visual work is beautiful, fast, mobile ready and optimized. Our SEO and social media work is excellent and can get you noticed by your customers and on the first page of search. Our experienced team of designers and engineers are ready to give you the best digital marketing experience.

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